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Las Caletas

Upgrade your vacation by visiting our exclusive, private beach hideaway! Accessible only by sea, and in the top five secluded beaches in the world, Las Caletas offers a diverse range of activities making it a perfect day for everyone; from couples to families to friends. Choose between pure relaxation or thrilling exploration; the day is yours to create. You provide the sense of adventure and we'll provide everything else! An open bar awaits you throughout the day with an assortment of cold, refreshing beverages. Feast at a seaside buffet prepared by our award-winning chef and savor a wide variety of dishes and hand-made tortillas.


Breakfast, Lunch, Open Bar, Teen Adventure Cove


When you charter a private group adventure, you will have the opportunity to add your branding aboard the boat as well as in the dining areas at Las Caletas.

- 2 banners (max 3x10 ft)
- Static Clings (max 20" x 20")
- Branded napkins
- Stir sticks for drinks
- Plastic cups with logo

Dining Areas:
- Table Tents
- 1 banner per area (max 6x2 ft)
*Provided by the group

*Extra Charge For:

Photo service, Video service, Video memories, Food upgrades, Drinks upgrades, Special activities, Private boat / van / unimog / or a buy out

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